World Government

Nonfungible Token, 2021

You can buy world domination now on the Marketplace for nonfungible digital assets. World Domination is created as a now undeletable part of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a unique item created by the Bloodyblackredrabbits.

World Domination is the very first NFT created by the Bloodyblackredrabbits.

You can buy the asset and put yourself as the legitimate owner of world domination on the ethereum blockchain, giving you the eternal right to rule the world (or to sell it further).

If you want to buy the World Domination you have to follow these steps:

1. You need to buy Ether, which is digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can do that by setting up an account at a coin exchange platform. You may want to buy a little bit more Ether than you want to spend for the Artwork, because every time you make a transaction there is a transaction fee to be paid. This transaction fee (which is called „Gas“) is paying for the Ethereum infrastructure.
2. To buy an artwork at you have to setup a MetaMask wallet. MetaMask ist a browser Extension that also acts a an intelligent wallet, where you can store your Ether coins.
3. Transfer your Ether from the coin Exchange to your MetaMask wallet. (like taking it out of you bank account and put it into your pocket)
4. When you go to, MetaMask is connecting to the page, thus making it possible to send or receive money
5. Click the link to World Domination above. If you have enough money to spend you can spend the rest of you life with World Domination, you can sell it again via opensea or you can transfer it to a different wallet to keep it a secret.